Consulting services & equity research

Unmanned Systems are on the cutting edge of technology and highly subject to ever-changing regulation.  At UnMannedKind, we take a user-centered approach to illuminate potential benefits, lay out costs and requirements, and design programs to maximize value.  Our consulting solutions are tailored to each client and capable of covering the entire spectrum of applications.

aerial videography & photography

With the FAA-required remote pilot certificate, we can legally and safely plan, shoot and edit drone photos and video.  Useful for showing unique properties or neighborhoods, analyzing work site progress, documenting post-emergency damage or other things.

system configuration and demonstration

Effective programs do not utilize drones as isolated tools but as key parts of a system that manages airspace and flight planning, distributes and protects media and interface with existing resources.  By showing partners what resources are available and then customizing systems to their specifications, UMK ensures that our partners get the most out of their programs.


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