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Culture is Number 1 here. We truly believe, With the right people, we can do anything! It starts with attitude and goes from there…We need instructors, engineers, admins…in multiple cities, around the country.  

First and foremost, you have to have a “Can Do” attitude. We want to hear: ”Yes, And…” instead of “No, but.”

“No, but” people don’t work here, won’t like it here and if you get hired, and you find out you’re a “No, but,” well, let's save us both some time...But if you're a "Yes, and..." fill out the form below!

If you are selected, you will at least have to go through the baseline curriculum as a student, so you can apply here, but don’t forget to register for the fundamentals class. You will be called within 3 business days, after you submit an initial application, for a phone interview.

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(Don’t worry if it isn’t very high. My parents never graduated from College and they raised a pretty good set of boys...)